Q - Life family clinic is a General practice and a Travel clinic. We have a well equipped out-patient facility providing the basic health care needs of individuals at globally acceptable standards.

Our model of Primary healthcare is a boutique yet professional type of service where a lot of emphasis is laid on prevention, early detection and prompt management of diseases all geared towards the promotion of the quality of life.

Travelling abroad, whether for business or pleasure should be an exciting experience. However, it can carry potential risks for you and the family. By being aware of these risks and taking a few simple precautions you can enjoy a safe and healthy trip. The Travel Clinic was set up to take care of the health needs of a Traveller.

Following the recent outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease(EVD) in West Africa and the confirmation of the first case in Nigeria, we present you with some basic information. Click here for more details.

In Q-Life Family Clinic, we go beyond the purely curative care. We provide preventive and promotive health services to encourage healthy living and promote the quality of life. Health Assessment is a generalized but through evaluation of the body functions of an individual. The aim is to identify the presence or the potential risk of developing any disease.

Visa Immigration Medical Examination services are available for the US and Canadian Consulates Click here for the requirement.

Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak